Stay in a Tendi Glamping Safari Tent at Storängens Camping for the luxury camping feeling and enjoy all the beauty that Sweden has to offer. Sweden is the land of vast nature, Pipi Langkous, stuga’s and old traditions. The province of Värmland, where the river Klarälven crosses the landscape, is known for its rich nature with many forests and countless lakes. One of the most popular activities in Värmland is rafting on the Klarälven river. In addition to rafting and cycling, Värmland offers many opportunities for hiking, fishing and canoeing. The Astrid Lindgrens Värld theme park, folkloric events and the beautiful city of Karlstad are certainly worth a visit.

Elanden 4 200 300 Storangens Tenten 200 300 Op de rivier 200 300 

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