Glamping holiday


Book a Glamping holiday at Tendi in France, Italy, Germany or Sweden. Glamping (merger of Glamorous and Camping), is camping, but then different.

Immediately upon arrival enjoy the luxurious furnishings, the wonderful beds and the spacious space in the tent! We selected the most beautiful locations ourselves, at small-scale campsites, on an estate or domaine, at a castle or at a nature park, an old mill or an agriturismo. There we have set up Safari Glamping Lodge Tents, with ready-made kitchens, made-up box spring beds, tables and chairs and a wooden floor and terrace. The holiday can start right away, really luxury camping!

In addition to the completely furnished Glamping Safari Tent, Tendi also has the Glamping Lodge Tent, the more luxurious Glamping Safari Tent with its own bathroom and the newest type of tent. The Glamping Lodge Tent is more spacious, has a loft floor and sleeps 6 in the tent. In addition, there is a kitchen with a cooking island and a lounge set on the attractive veranda, this Glamping Glamping Lodge Tent also has its own bathroom. These newest Glamping Lodge Tents are on: 



You will find the luxury Glamping Safari Tents with their own sanitary facilities


A Glamping holiday starts at Tendi!