Our Tendi Safari & Lodge Tent 

The Tendi Glamping Tents are made of a robust and weatherproof tent fabric that is supported by sturdy steel or wooden frames. The double-walled roof is not only rainproof, but also ensures pleasant insulation. The floor is made of wood, so that you can enjoy comfortable walking. The Safari and Lodge tents are fully furnished - welcome to your vacation home! You will spend the night in a double box spring bed. Each of the two mattresses is 80 centimeters wide and 2 meters long. A bunk bed is available for the children. The mattresses are also 2 meters long and 80 or 90 centimeters wide. Mosquito nets are also available.

In the Glamping Tent you will find a full kitchen - with pots and pans, cutlery, dishes, glasses and mugs. There is also a fridge with freezer and a 4-burner gas stove. Your Tendi Glamping Tent also offers electrical sockets and light.

Tendi offers 3 types of Glamping Tents:  

Glamping Safari Tent

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The Glamping Safari Tent is 35 square meters. This Glamping Safari Tent offers 4 beds in the tent. There is a double box spring bed with mosquito net. In the extra children's area, the kids look forward to the bunk bed, which can also be hung with a mosquito net. The beds are freshly made upon arrival. The kitchen is as practical as it is fully equipped - with a 4-burner gas stove, fridge with freezer compartment. Right next to it: the dining area, table, comfortable chairs and a bench. There are also 2 deck chairs on the veranda. Sockets and light are available - but no running water. You use the showers, toilets, washing and washing up facilities in the well-kept sanitary facilities of the campsite. Usually there is also a fresh water tap near the parking spaces. The inventory of the Glamping Safari Tent is available for 6 people. For a 3rd or 4th child, an extra dome tent can be set up next to the Glamping Safari Tent on request. For this, please bring your own sleeping bag / pillow / covers. Are you traveling with very young children? On request you can book a camping bed and a high chair. Are you looking forward to sitting with your family on the veranda and enjoying the Glamping flair?

The Tendi Glamping Safari Tents are located on:  

Glamping Safari Tent with bathroom

 Tredici Ulivi tent 2014 10 groot 2 200 300  Clairiere tent 2016 1 kleiner 200 300  Lac de Bonnefon tenten 2017 4 200 300 

The Tendi Glamping Safari Tent with its own bathroom is 38 square meters in size. The Glamping Safari Tent with its own bathroom offers you cozy sleeping accommodations - a double box spring bed with 2 mattresses and mosquito net for the parents, a children's area with a bunk bed and mosquito net for the offspring. The beds are freshly made for you when you arrive! The kitchen invites you to cook and enjoy: with the 4-burner gas stove (exception: Camping Orlando in Chianti, here there is a stove with 2 electric hot plates in the Tendi Glamping Safari Tent). In the kitchen there are also cooking utensils, coffee makers, cutlery and dishes as well as a fridge with freezer compartment. The Tendi Glamping Safari Tent with bathroom also has a sink in the kitchen - just as in the bathroom with running hot water. You can eat comfortably with your family right next door. There are 2 chairs and a bench at the dining table. Electric light and sockets are available in the Tendi Glamping Safari Tent. On the veranda there are 2 deck chairs waiting for those looking for relaxation. The inventory is intended for a total of 6 people - for a 3rd or 4th child, a small tent can be placed next to the large one on request (unfortunately not at Camping Rosselba le Palme, Podere Sei Poorte, Camping de Kerleyou, Saint Amand and Camping Domaine de la Faurie). The Glamping Safari Tent offers you a large veranda so that you can enjoy real camping flair with all the comforts.

The Glamping Safari Tents with bathroom at Camping Podere Sei Poorte are 48 square meters in size and have a total of 3 sleeping areas. There is another extra sleeping area with a bunk bed and mosquito net. At these campsites, the tent offers a total area of ​​43 square meters and the special “outdoor feeling” - thanks to the extra large terrace: Agriturismo Eucalpitus, Mar y Sierra, Agriturismo Le Sorgive e Le Volpi, Camping Vallicella, Camping La Clairiere, Lac de Bonnefon , Domaine de la Faurie, La Maison Bornat, Camping de Kerleyou, Saint Amand, Les Lauriers Roses and Camping Borken am See.

The Glamping Tendi Safari Tents with bathroom are located on:  

Glamping Lodge Tent with bathroom

 Lodgetent 2017 24 kleiner 200 300  Domaine de la Faurie tenten 2017 26 kleiner 200 300  Faurie ES 78.1 300 200


The Glamping Lodge Tent is our newest tent model for up to 6 people. Enjoy special comfort and lots of space on 44 square meters of "glamping surface". The Tendi Glamping Lodge Tent has an extra floor on which 2 children can comfortably sleep or play enthusiastically. On the ground floor, parents spend the night in an extra area in which the double box spring bed with 2 mattresses is ready. There is also a children's area with a bunk bed. The two lower sleeping areas have a mosquito net. In the Glamping Lodge Tent you will find a total of 3 sleeping areas for 2 people each. The Glamping Lodge Tent has its own bathroom. You camp (or “glow”) with your own toilet, shower and sink!

The kitchen is equipped with an island. So it is fun to cook or even do the dishes - with a view outside or in funny contact with the other family members. The dining area offers plenty of space for the whole family. 3 chairs and a wooden bench are grouped around the dining table. On the cozy veranda, a lounge set is waiting for you to relax. 2 lounge / deck chairs and a chic bench are ready. Look forward to a special glamping experience in the spacious, stylish and fully furnished Glamping Lodge Tent!

The Glamping Lodge Tents with their own bathroom stand on: